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Space Formula
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— Apartment project for a large family

The Unbearable Lightness of Being

— An Aesthetic Interior

for urban life

Smoged Log
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— Relax Area In A Private Bath Complex

— interior for sensitive people

Delicate Edge
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Naive. Super

— Apartment for family

with two children

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Author's interior design of residential and public facilities


Development and creation of original elements and interior items

Textile decor

Complete set of the object

Author's supervision

Development and creation of the interior concept

Draft and working projects

Sketch design — hand sketches, collages, 3D images.
A working draft is a complete set of building schemes necessary for the implementation of the project.

project selections — specifications

— Finishing materials
— Plumbing
— Kitchen
— Light (decorative and technical)
— Furniture

Development of author's details and furniture items

preliminary design

technical project

decoration project

During the implementation of the project, the author’s supervision at the facility and complete set is proposed. For the detailed information, you can contact me by email, phone (+7 (909) 979-25-22) or through the form on the website.

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