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Relax area in a private bath complex


Moscow Region


66 m²

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The room where the sauna complex was planned to be located was built of laminated timber. Such architecture sets up the interior in chalet style or rustic aesthetics — natural wood colors, massive furniture, beams, rough textures.

My clients wanted to decide the interior of the "bathhouse" differently, to make it more like a spa complex, to be a modern reading of the recreation and relaxation area: large-format stoneware, stone surfaces, darkened shades.

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Looking for inspiration for the concept, I looked at modern Japanese and Korean interiors and how designers work with wood in them. They bring ancient woodworking techniques into their modern interiors. In our tradition of wooden architecture, it was typical to work with the physical properties of wood, with its resistance to temperature changes and humidity. In Japan, in the 18th century they discovered a method of woodworking called "yakisugi", when wood was burnt in fire for strength. Scorched fibers are filled with resin, forming a protective crust that makes the surface durable, and the look of such burnt wood is incredible. This technique has had a strong influence on Japanese architecture. I was inspired by the story and used it as an image for the interior — charred wood. Hence the color scheme of the interior and its details.

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In the interior there is a lot of black. The lumber is tinted, not everywhere in black, but in a complex grey, the color of fire... Rustic wooden elements I balanced the furniture with modern forms — a squat sofa, light shelving made of thin metal, console furniture. The ceiling, so as not to panel it with linings, and to bring down the rhythm of the standard width of the timber and linings, I filled it with solid laths with frequent spacing.  In the wet areas of large porcelain stoneware with an active pattern of stone. On the terrace formed a barbecue area, at the request of customers. It has a structural shape, and the finish resembles a traditional Russian oven — mazanka.

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