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Apartment for a couple

for a comfortable uncomplicated city life




113,5 m²

In the interior I wanted to convey the atmosphere of social life in a chamber club house in the center of a large metropolis, but in its quiet alleys, in the historic center. To convey the taste of enjoying life, the beauty of its moments. To preserve the air, the openness of the space to the light, its centrality. To show the comfort of living in this centrality. It is pleasant to spend evenings here after the theater or a day at work, to enjoy silence, peace and space. This interior does not have the complex work of volumes and spatial games, as in constructivist interiors. For the architectural basis I took the classical style, the space is built on axes.



Interior with "quotations" of classical style — plaster cornices, high plinth, classic doors with panels and glass, pastel color scheme. But in this "reasonable" classics modern furniture is blended in, the height of the plinth and ceiling mouldings is deliberately increased. The change in the proportions of the classical elements shifts the focus of the interior from its structure to its emotional perception, the work of the eye in understanding these proportions and combinations.

Initially it was decided to reject stucco on the walls, heavy and intrusive details, not to make it heavier, to preserve the atmosphere of an open space filled with light from the panoramic windows. To do this, it was important to bring the emotion of color and simple forms into the interior, but not simple combinations.

The enfilade hallway leads to the living room. It is elongated in shape, but the rhythm of the portals hides the shape. The hall is divided into two symmetrical squares. On the floor, porcelain stoneware is laid in a geometric pattern that gives saturation to the eye, surrounded by laconic walls. The center of the composition of the interior of the apartment is the living room, from which you can access the kitchen, bedrooms and dressing room. This is convenient in everyday life, when you do not need halls and corridors to access other rooms. 


living room


The living room can be combined with the kitchen by sliding the doors to create an open single space. The accent blue kitchen floor and blue in the textiles add a ringing and freshness to this interior. Solid kitchen is shaded by glass cabinets and a light quartz apron. A special note to the kitchen and living room interior is added by the lamps — a combination of suprematic chandelier in the kitchen with a chandelier in the living room, which is a new reading of the classic Murano glass chandeliers, and handmade sconces. Gold and chrome, matte and glossy surfaces, the natural forms of leaves, branches and clear geometry of round plates of translucent plastic. All this is also about the dialogue of forms, proportions, shifting the focus from the structure of the classics to the avant-garde.



A private master bedroom space is combined with a bathroom and a small hallway equipped with a storage system. An open plum color combined with a rich walnut veneer color in the headboard and a ringing blue have been added to the bedroom color scheme. You can immerse yourself in thinking about these colors and their combination, or dismiss these thoughts, lie down on the bed and enjoy a book.



I intentionally emphasize the geometry of the space with the pattern of the floor and the shape of the ceiling and the layout of the tiles in the bathroom. This creates visual niches in which objects are placed — a shower, a bathtub, a cabinet with sinks. In the bathroom, the combination of gray and white stone is tinged with a touch of ochre. In my opinion, this is important for the interior, because the color combination creates a visual impression in the space, an emotional experience, to understand it you need to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the space.

The customer thinks in forms, volumes. The form in this interior and its structure pro logical and functional solution. The spouse thinks in terms of color and sensations. Color combinations are emotional experiences — cold and warm shades, tones of wood, bright and muted colors. All this nourishes a person in the interior with emotions, but it is a subtle experience, it must be lived through, absorbed.

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