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Lesel Brand Store on bolshaya Dmitrovka




35 m²


The flagship store of the Lesel brand, a Russian mono-brand, marks my second project for this brand. The concept of the first store drew inspiration from the brand name Lesel, meaning salt. A woman is the salt of the earth. I sought inspiration in the secrets and depths of nature, resulting in a rich, monochromatic, and intimate interior.


For the new interior, we aimed for an airy atmosphere, exploring the brand's aura and embracing the principles of feminine beauty — lightness, brightness, and playfulness. Thus, the color palette and elements feature delicate graphic lines, rounded shapes, light shades, ample light, and open space. The thin lines of the shelving create the framework of the interior, resembling an architectural sketch and adding structure and depth.


At the center of the composition, there is an "island" with a wooden slab countertop and a floor-standing clothing rack, serving to zone the space and guide visitors through the store.

A glowing rectangular ceiling gently diffuses light, creating the illusion of a suspended chandelier. This classic vintage chandelier once adorned the very first showroom of the brand.


The founders of the brand form a tandem based on an interesting contrast — an architectural approach on one side and a love for details and classics on the other. It blends creativity and a solid brand strategy. Similarly, in the interior, the contrast of graphite shelving against the bright neutral background, vintage furniture and lighting against the architectural ceiling and mirrored surfaces, and the combination of organic shapes and geometric volumes create a harmonious composition.


The interior decor includes wire portraits of women created by artist Alexander Tagunov. These delicate and slightly ironic portraits add an artistic touch to the ambiance.

The project was conceived and implemented simultaneously. We renovated the retail space in a building constructed in 1929. To save time, we partially preserved certain elements, such as the wall panels in the display windows, the ventilation system, a portion of the ceiling, and the marble flooring. However, our goal was to uncover the character of the space and align it with the concept. We exposed the original brick wall, removed the central part of the gypsum board ceiling to reveal the structural beams, and demolished a partition and portal that obstructed the functionality of the space, allowing us to create two fitting rooms and increase the usable area. During the dismantling process, we discovered a load-bearing metal beam, which we cleaned and coated with lacquer. By exposing the walls, ceiling, and beam and adding an improvised terrazzo flooring, we revealed the space's unique character and found its distinctive note. We complemented the interior with vintage furniture, such as an English wardrobe and a leather sofa from Mobeledom, imbuing the space with a sense of history. The project was originally a collage, with space zoning and design decisions evolving organically and seamlessly. This interior, resembling a sketch or a vibrant vignette, is light and inspiring.

The project was featured on the DesignChat website.


Photographer: Olga Melekestseva. Year of realization: 2019.

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