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108 m²


When working on the interior design for a specific client, their lifestyle and persona inform the design decisions for the interior. However, in this particular project, such a person did not exist as the apartment is intended for rental purposes. It was necessary to create a fictional tenant persona and determine their specific needs. 


The clients had specific preferences: the interior should be simple, comfortable, and practical, while also having a distinct image and style. It should serve not only utilitarian purposes but also aesthetic functions.

The initial layout of the apartment had an open plan, but there was limited flexibility in its design options. Functional zones were identified, including the kitchen, living room, bedroom, and two bathrooms interconnected. I decided to keep the interior architecture as simple as possible. While it's possible to create complex and intriguing lifestyle scenarios within the interior for a specific client, it wasn't necessary in this case. For rental properties, it is convenient to have separate and easily understandable rooms with straightforward volumes.

Копия 03_01_DSC_9311_p.jpg


The same localized approach was applied to the interior design concept. I drew inspiration from Scandinavian aesthetics, seeking a concept that featured local homogeneous surfaces without complex volumes. The storage systems were integrated into the interior in a way that they didn't stand out as separate components but blended seamlessly.

The interior exists independently of a specific owner's image, yet it simultaneously sets the direction for the lifestyle within it. My interpretation of the concept of Hygge entails a cozy tranquility, a secure and comfortable environment free from irritants.



The interior is designed for rental purposes, yet it carries a sense of care for future tenants. It is restrained, stylish, and avoids the cold and impersonal feel commonly associated with rental apartments. The design incorporates a complex color palette and meticulously curated furnishings. Stained wood at the head of the bed. Complex shades in textiles.


Together with the clients, we envisioned a lifestyle for the future tenant of the apartment, subconsciously selecting potential characters who would find comfort within this interior.

The interior can be left neutral or imbued with character through the use of decor items and artwork — a decision left to the future tenant.