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Reconstruction of the kitchen interior with a staircase for dachnyj otvet


Moscow region


27 m²


The interior was created for a television project — Dachnyj Otvet — a reconstruction of a space that raises more questions than it meets the needs of the people who live in it. 

This is the first floor of the house, here is the kitchen-dining room, which the heroes of the project actively use. But the space itself, where it is located, is not ergonomic, there is an entrance area to the house, stairs to the second floor, kitchen — dining room and hallway, where the entrance to the bedroom, bathroom and living room are located. Space in the form of a corner spanning the main log part of the house, where one part is an elongated half-empty hall, the other — filled functionally and visually volume.

обложка 1 вариант.jpg

Heroes wanted an ergonomic kitchen, a dining area without stairs, so they could gather as a family, invite guests, and not be cramped for space. They also need a comfortable entrance group with a storage system for outerwear, and comfortable stairs to the second floor. The planning solution of the new interior I built on a clear zoning of functional blocks, I have separated these spaces, so they were not mixed up between them. I allocated a block of the kitchen with the dining room and a block of the hall with stairs.

The space is created by large forms. The stylistic concept flows smoothly from the planning solution, closely intertwined with it. Constructivism as an architectural solution is taken as a basis, it is also traced in the stylistics.



There are two important volumes in the interior:

The log corner, which is the architectural base of the house; everything else is an addition to it. To make this base stand out, I removed the "rattling" batten and opened up the log.

The staircase is the main issue in this space. Initially its location was unfortunate, it was in the kitchen-dining room area, across from the windows, blocking the space. Now it takes its undeniable place. It is suprematic — it is lined with dynamic planes, and it is important that it is red — a color that refers to the folk tradition and is also iconic for Constructivism and the avant-garde.

In the new layout, the location of the staircase is ergonomic and functional for both the first floor and the second floor. It meets at the entrance of the house and dominates this interior. The color of the staircase, like circles on the water, disperses into the interior — the strapping of the sliding partition, the chairs, the color spots in the wall painting with the rooster. The rest of the planes and objects in the interior are resolved neutrally so as not to detract from the main bases in this space. 

Looking for inspiration, I traced a pattern — the traditional interiors of homes in different countries used painted on the walls. Hence the idea of using folk painting in the decor of the walls — a canvas with a rooster, Gorodetskaya painting.



The kitchen is another important volume in the interior. It is compact and functional — it houses all the necessary equipment, sufficient storage space. The working plane has been enlarged by a mobile island — a workbench. The architecture of the kitchen is emphasized by its color-block concept. Ethnic details in this interior are compiled with constructivist solution and avant-garde details, so as not to go deep into the folklore of the interior, which, of course, is pushed by its original architecture and the interest of the characters in rustic interiors.


Interest in rethinking cultural historical heritage in design and art is increasing, integrating it into modern forms and images, cherishing and respecting it. In the project and I reflect on this theme in forms, colors, details and composition.

Photographer: Ekaterina Gates. Year of realisation: 2023.

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