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Oliva Dentistry




126 m²

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The client, who is also the leading doctor of the clinic — a fan of his work, asked to create the most comfortable and aesthetically pleasing space in dentistry. The interior needed to convey the values of the clinic — adherence to modern technology, convenience, and attention to each patient and specialist. 


The space has high ceilings (7 meters) and panoramic windows of full height. To increase its usable area we constructed the second level — a mezzanine. It was technically and legally impossible to cover the whole floor. The space of the second level was supposed to occupy no more than 40% of the area of the first floor. The mezzanine requires access — a staircase that would lead to the second floor from the very entrance to the clinic, to "distribute" the traffic flows of visitors and specialists. The zoning of the rooms was the main objective of the project: to arrange all the necessary facilities ergonomically, which, according to the norms, should be at least a certain area for a health care facility, and to set dental chairs in all the rooms, the location of which is also a matter of strict norms. Public spaces — waiting area, reception, halls, where the specified number of people should be set scenarios clinic, here and receive patients and recreation area — waiting, checkroom, junction paths — access to all rooms. On the second level we decided to place an area for staff, laboratory and X-ray room.



The staircase is a formative element of the clinic's interior, it grows in volume from the plane of the wall, moving out of the corner so as not to block the space. Then it turns into a cantilever form. Stairs are triangular, so it is placed compactly and unfolds the space of the clinic, thereby winning space. All other rooms line up with its shape, "following" it.

The staircase is also the dominant color in the interior. The walls and floors of the clinic are designed in natural textures and colors that do not distract the eye. The staircase rings with color. The rhythm of the steps is overlaid by an origami-like railing, which makes the shape of the staircase easier on the eye, hiding its many corners.



In order not to weigh down the volume of the second floor and to open the eyes of visitors to the processes in the laboratory, where 3D printers and other technological equipment are located, fascinating processes take place, the walls are made of glass. The area of the second floor was strictly regulated, it was not enough to overlap the ceiling of the first room, it was impossible to make its overlap exploitable. The ceiling had to be light. We decided to make an olive garden there and put olive trees in tubs. For the effect of the layered space, shadows and reflections this level was enclosed by glass.



The height of the ceilings, the height differences in the interior, the different sizes of volumes — dictate the formation of console furniture elements — the form of reception and cabinets — raised from the floor. So they visually cease to be a piece of furniture, and become an architectural element, participating in the construction of architecture space. In the seating area there are sofas, and they are recessed into the window openings, so that there is as much open space as possible in the seating area.

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The lighting of the lobby and reception is designed in "layers" — the main functional light is located in the slatted ceiling, which in addition to lighting conceals the ventilation system and fire protection system. The second layer is a soft, accent lighting — a plastic pipe line that flows through the space. The rooms are compact and contain an area with a dental chair and an area for working with preparations, where the instruments and everything the doctor and assistant need are located. The rooms are identical to each other, but each one is tailored to the space in which it is located.

The project was developed as part of the studio.

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