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Small flat for modern fast life


Moscow Region


52 m²

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At the beginning of the 20th century, constructivist architects wondered about creating a modular space for modern people to live in typical spaces. Which would be as ergonomic as possible, every inch of it should be functional and reflect the aesthetics of constructivism and art nouveau. This is how communal houses were built. Nowadays the architecture of apartment buildings is either simplified as much as possible, the task is to locate the living space in a given space and sell it as quickly as possible, or it is a higher level of housing for comfortable living.

The story of the project is about a space that was not very well designed and had to be worked with. Like the constructivists, it was necessary to make it as comfortable as possible, to put into it all the necessary functions, having limitations both in space and in the design of this space. To design a comfortable living space without unreasonable luxury. Apartment, the layout of which included a kitchen-living room and bedroom, it was necessary to plan so that it had a kitchen-living room with sleeping and dining area, children's bedroom and study and playroom for two children. The apartment is intended for the occasional stay of the family, as it is located in the maximum proximity to the school, the family lives most of the time out of town in their own house.

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The space of the kitchen area and the sleeping area are separated by a single pylon, and as a whole has the shape of a cube. This is what I saw as an opportunity for the layout concept, and furthermore for the stylistic solution. All the rooms are behind each other and are connected by doorways. From the hallway you can go straight into the kitchen or bedroom, the kitchen is combined with the living room area without partitions, the living room with a study and playroom. It can be as a single space, which is convenient — the area becomes larger, or separate these spaces with a sliding partition to create privacy for study, or in the evening, when the children went to bed, cut off the living area. When unfolded, the partition between the rooms continues the plane of the wall — the same color as it, and when folded it is completely hidden in a cabinet in the wall.



The study room leads to the children's bedroom. The wall between the bedroom and study room is made of frosted glass for access to daylight.


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There was a circular composition in the layout. This continued in the aesthetics of the interior. The walls in the apartment are all the same color, the doors are in the tone of the walls, so as not to fill up the planes. Only some surfaces of walls are tinted — the kitchen apron, the wall behind the sofa. Protrusions and niches are filled with storage systems. All interior details are minimalist, so as not to weigh down the space. Only in the children's bedroom there is bright color, so that in a compact space does not create the feeling of a dark sad cubbyhole.


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