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Lesel Brand Store on tretyakovskaya




35 m²


LESEL, derived from the French le sel meaning salt.

A woman is the salt of the earth. The interior concept is inspired by the imagery evoked by the phrase salt of the earth: salt deposits, layers of earth, untamed nature, and the earth as a substance. The brand store's interior creates an intimate world, a salt cave.

My goal was to achieve tactility, naturalness, and harmony in the interior, reflecting the clothing presented within it. Lesel's color palette is monochromatic, with shades of gray, white, and black, with seasonal accents introduced by the designer.

The structured interior and architectural volumes represent the images of the city and the modern pace of life embraced by the brand's customers. The presence of classical elements pays homage to traditions, which form the foundation of the contemporary world.



Photographer: Sergey Ananyev. Year of realization: 2015.

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