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family apartment with retro inherited structure




89 m²

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The apartment in a custom-built brick house built in 1981 was inherited by the clients from their grandparents. The task of the project is to preserve the atmosphere of family and coziness in the interior, to leave a light touch of retro, but to bring modern comfort and logic to the space and ergonomics. "Brush the dust" off of it.

It was important for the clients to use elements of the old interior: the glass from the partition between the hall and the living room, the chandeliers. Add items they own now — paintings, lamps, a desk, furniture they have long dreamed of — a vintage sideboard, a wooden bed. We wanted to keep the original parquet, but it was impossible to restore it. Therefore we used new parquet — French fir. Glass from the partition was used for the door transoms and the portal between the living room and the balcony.

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One of the iconic elements of the original interior of this apartment is the green sofa, but it did not survive. We used a new sofa of the same color. For the client, it is a memory of his childhood. The inspiration for the project, apart from the space itself and its objects, were references — English classical interiors, Milanese aesthetics and Italian Art Nouveau, Soviet stylistics and a modern reading of mid-century modern style.

The interior of the living room is a traditional classic of parade spaces, compiled with furniture and aesthetics from the 70's. The kitchen was moved to the hall area, which was not functional. We got the kitchen niche, combined with the living room. This allowed to gain space for the children's room in the former kitchen. The bathroom was annexed to the bedroom, thus creating a full master bedroom zone. The niches in the walls, created by the redevelopment, were equipped under the storage systems. The hall between the bedrooms formed a whole gallery space, where a collection of the clients' paintings can be exhibited.




The bedroom continues the style of the living room. But here we have an even deeper mix — "English" walls, Italian classical and Italian modern furniture, and a little bit of the East.




Cement tiles with geometric layout, from traditional interiors, on the floor in the bathrooms are set off by monochrome walls of fine tiles. The wall panels on the master bathroom walls transition here from the bedroom interior, as does the color scheme. If the door from the bedroom is open, you get a shared sleeping boudoir space.



A lot of work was done with the planning solution. Initially it seemed that it was impossible to change the logic of the space significantly, since the wet zones are strictly marked, the brick bearing walls are quite massive and impossible to move, they clearly delimit the space. But the search turned up an optimal solution.

The project was developed as part of the studio.

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