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I'm in a New York mood. Interior decorating using the living room as an example.

Using the example of the living room project, I want to tell you about the process of creating a project to decorate the interior, in which the finishing work was done, and it is necessary to add to it the character and mood. 
By the stage of decoration in the living room the walls were painted in a rich gray-blue color, laid oak floor of honey hue, installed white doors with neoclassical paneling and high white baseboards.

Снимок экрана 2023-06-29 в 21.01.25.png

When the owners of the apartment, a young married couple, began renovating, they dreamed of the interiors of New York apartments of the 50s and 60s. They are close to this aesthetic in their mood, in their free-spirited, free-wheeling spirit. As we discussed the project we were reminded of images from Woody Allen films, Henry Mancini songs, the twist and Audrey Hepburn's heroines. It was decided to move in this direction in the decor. 
To embody the stylistic image of the living room, I decided to create a "motley" interior, where the neoclassical elements (doors, baseboards, cabinet furniture), as an architectural basis are mixed with decors (freestanding furniture, paintings on the walls, lamps, accessories), thus adding dynamics and depth to the interior. We often see this method in New York interiors, here are examples of neoclassical elements, and antique furniture from suburban flea markets, and modern items. At first glance it seems that they happen to be in the same space, but nevertheless, in this combination they create a special harmony and mood.  
In addition to the image and style of the living room, it was necessary to develop a script solution, so that it would be comfortable, ergonomic and perform a number of practical functions. To this end, we defined functional zones: 
1. Library. Shelving or cabinets for storing books.  
2. Recreation zone. A soft sofa zone for communication, relaxation, watching movies. 
3. Dining area. The kitchen is small, so it is only placed a zone for cooking. The dining table was decided to put it in the living room. 
There are two options for the planning solution of the space.

Снимок экрана 2023-06-29 в 21.05.06.png
Снимок экрана 2023-06-29 в 21.07.34.png
Снимок экрана 2023-06-29 в 21.09.36.png
Снимок экрана 2023-06-29 в 21.11.14.png
Снимок экрана 2023-06-29 в 21.13.51.png
Снимок экрана 2023-06-29 в 21.15.00.png
Снимок экрана 2023-06-29 в 21.16.58.png
Снимок экрана 2023-06-29 в 21.17.55.png
Снимок экрана 2023-06-29 в 21.19.46.png
Снимок экрана 2023-06-29 в 21.21.26.png
Снимок экрана 2023-06-29 в 21.24.18.png
Снимок экрана 2023-06-29 в 21.24.24.png
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