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interior for life & work




63 m²


The interior of the apartment is designed for one person, for the most comfortable, self-contained life. But there is always room for friends and family. The concept of the interior is Art Minimalism. Color planes and volumes cut into the monochrome space, creating accents and compositions akin to paintings of modern art.

The walls, doorways and furniture fronts are deliberately solved in a single color, so as not to fragment the main planes and volumes. The apartment space is designed for autonomous living, when you live and work in one place.

The workplace is integrated into the living room space as an organic element of it. And it is located so as to be an autonomous part of it. It is not turned towards the wall in a corner, but is designed so that you can switch your gaze, distract yourself from your concentrated work.



For recreation is designed living room area with a wide sofa and a window alcove, where you can sit with a book. The living room and kitchen are zoned by the architectural volume of the understated partition. The graphite color and rectangular shape of the wall juts into the composition, in which the horizontals of the ceiling tracks, the piano and the TV screen echo with each other in rhythm. Additional zone of rest and relaxation is located in place of the balcony — here hangs a hammock, floor plants in pots and on the wall. A home garden is created here. The kitchen space is comfortable both for business lunch and for dinner with friends and family.

Open storage in the interior is minimized. This creates a seamless space without visual noise. Only in the kitchen area is the emphasis on the apron. With blue console cabinets and gray horizontals bottom drawers apron forms a composition that dilutes the monochrome space of the kitchen-living room and becomes an art object of the interior, rather than a utilitarian kitchen. Another "art object" here is the color accent in the study area — a hinged olive-colored shelving unit — it balances in conjunction with the volumes of the desk and the TV area.




The bedroom has a walk-in closet volume, accessed through sliding doors that slide to fully open the closet space. At the end of the closet there is access to the closet and chest of drawers, which are integrated into this volume and are the same color as it.





The red color of the lobby is the energy for a sporty, upbeat morning. The local color solution of the hall hides a large number of doors in a small area. The mirror enlarges this space and is functionally important for sports. The hallway is closed off from the living area and fits into the complex of the private space of the bedroom and bathrooms.

The project was developed as part of the studio.

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